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The people of Saga Prefecture are sincere and well-tempered

NITTO KOGYO CORPORATION President & COO Takuroh Sasaki

President & COO

Takuroh Sasaki

Reasons to Be Happy with the Move

  • Able to build a closer relationship with our customers as a base covering the western area of Japan.
  • Guaranteed supply of excellent human resources in a wide area of the prefecture.
  • Few disaster risks allow business activities to be carried out with confidence.

Company Overview


We are a manufacturer of electrical machinery and equipment that carries out the development, manufacturing, and sales of a wide variety of products, from electrical systems to information communication networks, solar power-related products, and EV/PHEV charging stations.
As provided in our vision, "Trust, Technology, and Contribution: Creating Values to Connect Power and Information to Tomorrow," we develop products that aim to create a convenient and rich social environment. We have also made the modal shift to environmentally-friendly rail transport in recent years and are actively working on global warming measures.

Address 1825-2 Kyūragi-machi, Namise, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, JAPAN 849-3122
Tel 0955-63-3211 Entering year 1991

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