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Site Policies

This site, the "Industrial Location Guide in Saga," is positioned and operates as the web-based point of contact for the Corporate Location Promotion Division of Saga Prefecture.
The Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division carries out the overall management and operation of this site. The Division aims to further enhance the site's contents and improve administrative services based on the needs of the site's users.
Access to this site constitutes the user's agreement with site policies.
Please note that site policies are subject to change without notice. If site policies are changed, users will be notified in an easy-to-understand way. Access by users the first time after the changes are listed constitutes the user's agreement with the site policies after the change.


The Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division carefully manages all aspects of this site. However, this does not guarantee the reliability and safety of the site, and the Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division is not responsible for any damage to the user caused by the use of this site or any information on this site.
The Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division may change or delete information on this site and may suspend or discontinue the operation of this site without prior notice. Please note that the Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division is not responsible for any damage caused by the change or deletion of information or interruption or discontinuation of the operation of this site for whatever reason.
Downloading and installation of browser software and various tools are the responsibility of the user. The Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division is not responsible for addressing damages or problems for failures or trouble that may occur during download and installation.
The site may contain links to websites not managed by the Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division. However, please note that the Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division cannot assume responsibility for the authenticity of the content on those websites since it does not manage or operate those linked websites.


As a general rule, the copyright for all information, such as content, photos, and illustrations, and the entire site of the "Industrial Location Guide in Saga" is the property of Saga Prefecture. (However, copyright for some images and other items are owned by the original author.)
Except as permitted by the Copyright Act, such as "reproduction for personal use," users may not reprint, reproduce, modify, broadcast, transmit, translate, sell, or lease any information on this site without permission.

Site Links

In principle, users are free to link to the top page of this site ( Prior notification is not required. However, if the user links to this site, please contact the Saga Prefectural Corporate Location Promotion Division ( with the URL of the website to be linked to the site. Please do not set a link inside a frame.

Information Security

Saga Prefecture aims to streamline and improve administrative services through the use of information and communications technology. However, information systems can be exposed to threats, such as tapping and falsification. For this reason, Saga Prefecture has developed an information system along the lines of the "Saga Prefecture Information Security Policy," a comprehensive, systematic, and detailed compilation of the information security measures related to the information assets of Saga Prefecture that are related to network and information systems, with the purpose of ensuring confidence in the users of public services.
Saga Prefecture strives to ensure information security with the regular review and continuous improvement of this policy, as well as by severely addressing any violations to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Please refer to the Saga Prefecture Information Security Policy ( for more information.

Access Log

The information of all users that access the site is recorded in the form of an access log. The access log includes information on the domain and IP address of the person accessing the site, the type of browser, and access date and time. However, the log does not contain any information that can personally identify an individual.
The access log is used for statistical analysis of the maintenance and usage of the website, and is not used for any other purpose.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are data files that are sent to a user's computer when they visit a website. When the user revisits a website, the website can be read from the user's computer. Some of the pages on this website use cookies and gather information on the history of pages that the user has visited to omit the time and effort for users to input information each time. This site does not gather personal information using cookies.
Users may opt out of using cookies. In this case, some of the services provided on this site may not be accessible.

Use of JavaScript

Some functions of this site have been produced using JavaScript in order to increase convenience of the site. If a browser is set to disable JavaScript, parts of this site may not function properly or display correctly. Please enable JavaScript in your browser when viewing the site.

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