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Smaller number of natural disasters

Best location for BCP

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is gaining attention.
Saga Prefecture boasts less frequency of natural disasters, and has zero anticipated tsunami damage in the government's estimation from the potential Nankai Trough Earthquake, which is projected to occur at a high rate in the future. Saga is the best location for the establishment of BCP.

Less earthquake occurrences

Frequency of earthquake occurrence
in Saga Prefecture and other major cities

Tokyo 125 711 206 225 152 157 132 28,453
Shizuoka 45 375 122 90 83 84 89 8,079
Aichi 21 82 36 24 29 22 25 1,569
Osaka 21 46 19 25 21 30 21 1,127
Hiroshima 25 55 27 25 28 28 66 1,772
Fukuoka 6 30 18 17 19 17 399 1,457
Saga 1 12 7 6 7 12 185 644

Unit: times
Document: Frequency of noticeable tremor with the intensity of over 1, the earthquake intensity database, Japan Meteorological Agency

Number of earthquakes for each seismic intensity in 2016
(in Saga prefecture)


  • 90% of earthquake occurrences are seismic intensity 1or 2.
  • The seismic intensity of 5 Upper which is said to be a strong shake occurred only one time.
  • Influence on business activities in the prefecture is almost none.

Zero estimated damage from Nankai Trough Earthquake

Projected height of tsunami from the Nankai Trough Earthquake

Projected height of tsunami from the Nankai Trough Earthquake

Document: "Committee for Modeling the Nankai Trough Megaquake (Second report)" (Cabinet Office, The Committee for Modeling the Nankai Trough Megaquake)

Resilience to natural disasters

Located outside the major pathways of typhoons, Saga Prefecture is one of the prefectures that suffers the least damage from flood disasters.

The Prefecture overall has a mild climate, with an average annual temperature of around 16°C in most areas.

Kyushu may have an image of having numerous active volcanoes; however, Saga does not have any active volcanoes.

Amount of damage from flood disasters by prefecture (2011 - 2015)

Amount of damage from flood disasters by prefecture (2011 - 2015) The least damage from flood disasters across the country

(Unit: million yen)
Document: Ministry of Land, Transportation and Communications, Document on flood damage

Case example of BCP handling

~Saga is suitable for implementing BCPs~

At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Internet access flocked to a website on public transportation in the Tokyo area to such an extent that the server almost crashed.
However, we quickly took emergency countermeasures at the Saga office, and managed to avoid a critical situation.
Since then, we often receive inquiries at our office in Saga from various public organizations.
It is useful to separate the roles of local areas and the Tokyo area tactfully in order to divide the risks and to expand new business.


Saga Prefecture, which has extremely low risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods and heavy snow fall, offers the best BCP environment.

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