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The strength of the saga

We introduce the strengths of Saga Prefecture from five perspectives required in establishing business entities.

Less earthquake occurrences

POINT1Smaller number of natural disasters

Saga Prefecture has less frequency of natural disasters. It is also anticipated to be the only prefecture in Kyushu to suffer zero damage from the tsunami from the Nankai Trough Earthquake projected by the government.
The Prefecture is located outside the major pathways of typhoons, thus receiving the least damage from flood disasters.

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Excellent traffic access

POINT2Excellent traffic access

Saga Prefecture, located in the northwestern part of Kyushu, stands at the crossroads of expressways and railroads in the Kyushu region and has a great advantage in terms of access. The functions of airport and ports in the prefecture enable business launches looking ahead to extending into Asia.

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Ample talented resources

POINT3Ample talented resources

Human resource backed by the tradition of craftsmanship and the development of talent that have continued since the end of the Edo Period and the Meiji Era are highly acclaimed by companies that have setup business in Saga Prefecture.
In addition, the job offerings-to-applications ratio has been shifting to a lower level compared to the national average figure, creating an environment in which it is easy to secure talented resources.

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Satisfying company management

POINT4Satisfying company management

Company management can be carried out at low cost in Saga Prefecture, since land prices, rent and labor costs are relatively low.
Saga Prefecture also gives support to satisfying company management due to its unique follow-up systems.

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Relaxed living environment

POINT5Relaxed living environment

Saga Prefecture offers a good combination of systems for child-raising, education and health care. The comfortable living environment has already been proven by companies that have established entities in Saga Prefecture.
Saga Prefectures offers you an affluent lifestyle to meet your tastes.

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